Jacob.Grace Designs

I had the pleasure of learning about the amazing story behind Jacob.Grace Designs. Melissa kindly shared her family’s story with me and how the brand came to life. I knew that a portion of the proceeds from the Small + Mighty tee were donated back to the NICU but I had no idea it was because of her personal experience with the three premature births of her own children.

Here is their story!

I am a wife to the love of my life and mama of three of the strongest, most determined kids around.  I am a Dance Teacher by trade. While teaching, I loved sharing my passion for dance with my students, seeing them learn and grow was so amazing.


My first son Nixon was born at 33 weeks and 5 days (4lbs 10oz ) and spent 21 days in the NICU learning how to eat and grow. It was the most emotional time we had ever experienced. I blamed myself and thought maybe I was too active in my pregnancy, so when I became pregnant with my twins I made the tough decision to not go back to teaching.

Fast forward 6 months. My pregnancy was pretty textbook, then everything changed in a matter of moments. I remember lying there after being transferred by ambulance to the only hospital that can handle premature labour in the city with far too many people around me to count. People dropping pills in my mouth to stop my contractions, poking me with needles, and “the team” of doctors talking to me and my husband about what the outcome may be if my babies were born that day. The only thing I remember thinking was, what did I do to cause this? I thought I had done everything right! The thing about premature labour is they can’t always explain why it happens, for me this was the case when I went into labour at 26 weeks with my now twins Rome and Hadley who were born at 26 week and 5 days. At just 1lb15oz (Rome) & 1lb13oz (Hadley) they spent a combined total of 179 days in 4 different NICU’s in Calgary with many different complications along the way. Not knowing how our two precious babies would come out of this; this now became the most difficult and most emotional journey we had ever experienced. With all of this behind me and our kids healthy, I was inspired to give back. In turn a big part in the creation of Jacob.Grace as well the hand drawn “Small+Mighty” tee, which has a portion of the proceeds going back to the NICU. I will never be able to thank all the doctors and nurses who gave my children round the clock care and truly saved their lives, but I’m hopeful to help them help other families like mine by giving back.

A few fun facts about Jacob.Grace:

  • There is symbolism of a three in all of the designs, representing their three kids
  • The name came from their twins middle names
  • Their kids are their #1 fans and always ask to wear a Jacob.Grace shirt
  • 95% of the designs are drawn by Melissa


I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have your baby in the NCIU. I have friends who have gone through premature and complicated births and I have watched how brave and strong the situation can make a family. I am so thankful that I get to share a story like Melissa’s, helping raise awareness of local amazing brands is one of the reasons I started my blog and Instagram account. I am so proud that I am going to be partnering up with Melissa in the near future.

Here is how you can get in touch to pick up some awesome shirts for your kids!

Email: jacobgracedesigns@gmail.com
Instagram: @jacob.gracedesigns

xo Kenzie


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