New York City!


My sister and I ventured to New York City for Bridal Market last week. If you read my last post, you will know that she is opening a bridal boutique in Calgary called Pearl & Dot. I figured I may as well join her on her adventure as who would say no to a trip to New York?! An idiot, that’s who. I don’t think I have ever been as busy in my entire life as I was for those 5 days. The blisters, oh my lord the blisters…. My choice of footwear was not made for that city.

We sadly had a delay getting into the city and arrived about four hours later than we should have. We were starving by the time we got there so we hit the streets looking for food and found some 99 cent pizza. On our way back to the hotel we came across a cowboy walking two miniature horses down the road at 10:00 PM. I just looked at my sister, pizza in hand, and said “Welcome to New York City.”

Almost everyday we were booked with appointments with designers from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Of course none of the appointments were in close proximity to one another, you soon start to become a natural at hailing a cab. We met with so many wonderful and talented people. I am not by any means ready to get married but looking at all of the amazing gowns made me want to try them all on. At one appointment I volunteered to be the veil model which was a little weird, mostly because I was wearing all black (RIP Johnny Cash!), but it was fun! I may have also been a last-minute model for some dresses at another appointment… Sorry Ian!






It was kind of nice having appointments all over as we really got a good look of Lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. You feel like the city just never seems to end (or sleep). After our appointments we would venture out and explore. Luckily we got to meet up with my friend Tom and his girlfriend Hilary, I have not seen Tom for about 5+ years! They took us to an amazing restaurant called The Breslin Bar & Dining Room. The decor was amazing, reminded me a lot of a hunting cabin. Tom mentioned that for large parties they offer a whole roasted suckling-pig. Not even ten minutes later, there was the pig sitting on the counter of the kitchen… Caaaaan’t say I was a huge fan of looking at that. After dinner we walked around Times Square, it was nice seeing it at night as I only saw it during the day last time I was there. Oh and HUGE side note and FYI, don’t take photos with the people dressed in mascot outfits. They seem so happy and friendly but apparently they expect money from you and get very angry when you don’t have any. I am talking mascot head off, yell in your face angry…. WHOOPS!

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We had an appointment in Brooklyn and had time to spare afterwards so we decided to go and explore Williamsburg. We had been told to go and get some treats from Momofuku Milk Bar and I am so glad we did. My sister got the Cereal Milk soft serve and I got the Crack Pie. The Cornflake crunch we added on top sealed the deal for me and I understand why they call it Crack Pie. I would have a serious addiction problem to that if it was available here. Williamsburg was really funky, would have loved to spend some more time there looking around.OH, totally off topic but may I mention I FINALLY saw a rat?!?! This sounds so weird and everyone laughs at me, but because we don’t have rats in Alberta I have always wanted to see one. I had no luck last time, I looked every time I took the subway. Well, mission accomplished you guys. I even took a video, I was expecting them to be bigger but they just looked like big mice! Awwww. IMG_6922


Our last evening we decided we needed to get some pizza. We hit up Artichoke Pizza in Chelsea, before I talk about the pizza, you must know they had the lamp from A Christmas Story at the bar. That in itself is awesome. They have this 17th Street Sampler on the menu where you can get 3 slices of different pizza’s. We both decided we would get that so we could try a bunch of different flavours. Yeah… They need a disclaimer about how large the slices are. We ended up with 12 slices of pizza between the two of us. Each pizza was SO amazing though. I highly recommend the White and Artichoke. After dinner we waddled around Chelsea and we came across Doughnut Plant and HAD to have one (we saved it for later because we couldn’t put any more food into our mouths). The decor inside is amazing, the walls are lined with plush donuts. We got a Creme Brule donut and while in line were informed that the bathroom is entirely covered in a mirror mosaic equipped with a disco ball. Of course I went and took a photo in there… I won’t be posting that one as I assume you can imagine where I was sitting when it was taken. After getting our donut we kept walking and found La Maison du Macaron. We had been wanting a macaron from here and luckily got there just 5 minutes before they closed. We got Pink Champagne, Banana Nutella and Pistachio. All I can say is HOLY CRAP THEY WERE SO AMAZING. Best macaron I have ever had, if you love macarons I highly suggest (and by suggest I mean you have to go) going there and treating yourself.





On our last day we had no appointments so we got up bright and early to do some touristy (is that a word?) stuff. We went up the Empire State Building, walked through Central Park, had a street hot dog, walked down Madison Ave and then through Grand Central Terminal. It was a perfect send off, Central Park smelled so amazing. It was so nice feeling like you were escaping the city. Sitting on a bench listening to the birds and watching the blossoms fall from the trees like snow. I could have stayed there forever. I have only ever seen Central Park in the winter, so it was really lovely.









It was really nice getting home to a more slow-paced lifestyle, I am still feeling a bit exhausted from it all! My sister and I have never gone on a trip together, just the two of us, so it was really wonderful spending that time with her. I am so excited for all the designers she picked up and I can’t wait for her to reveal them all!

xo Kenzie


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