Oh Hi There!

IMG_6259I used to be really big into photography and after dropping out of art college, I didn’t really feel like I had what it took to be creative or successful. I couldn’t get a grade over a C, I didn’t get along with the instructors. I lost almost all of my motivation. Since dropping out almost 10 years ago, I tried countless art focused hobbies and I started and threw away a lot of creative projects. I started a clothing line, a custom furniture and handbag business, a jewelery line and I even started to refinish furniture. Nothing really stuck with me and I gave up on all of them (except the furniture refinishing but almost everything I do I keep for myself or my number one customer, my Mum haha). Recently I decided I wanted to do something creative again. I started an Instagram account to share local artists, restaurants, businesses and to share people’s handmade items that I love. I have realized since starting this, that I really just missed sharing things with other people. I don’t need someone else’s validation (suck it art school teachers) to feel successful or enjoy what I am doing. I should be doing it for me. Not for a sale, not for a good grade, not to be an amazing internet sensation and have paparazzi follow me around. I should have always focused on creating things just so I could have the joy of sharing them with others. I went about everything the wrong way and missed out on years of creativity because of it. But hey, at least I am back on the right track now!

I truly miss photography the most. I never went anywhere without my camera with me. I took photography classes in school, developed my own film in a dark room, made my friends model for me in really strange and questionable photo shoots. There are so many creative people on social media that I feel have me inspired again. I am starting to realize that your creative spirit is something that never actually leaves you, mine just decided to take a break. I decided it’s time to get back into photography again but I didn’t even know where to start with what camera I wanted. After reading review, after review and stalking employees around Future Shop I picked up a lovely new camera. I am really, really excited to get back into it. I haven’t blogged in years but I figured why not pair the two together! I can share photos, ideas, local events, what my cats are doing AND what I am having for dinner! This is just so perfect, as I know everyone cares about all of those things.

xo Kenzie


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